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You can see how big the advantage today is, if it is a one product company, the brand of Canada Goose. For them, there are raincoats from rubber, ready. canada goose outlet uk, For six years, the Stockholm company manufactures coats for really bad weather. canada goose jackets on sale. The colors change from season to season, time comes to a Cape, but the material remains always the same, rubber-coated cotton. The silhouettes are simple, front, there are push buttons and a hood on top usually.

Canada Goose Chelsea black fur-trimmed parka – Women

Canada Goose Chelsea black fur-trimmed parka – Women

Now the excitement is great, there’s a new material! Cotton without rubber, which should keep still dry. In the conventional fashion label would that provide sensation?


The Chief of Canada Goose, Johan Loman, is came to Berlin to present the coats and jackets from the new material. That is why he has invited fashion journalists and bloggers for lunch at the Soho House on the street of the gate. “Bonded cotton”, with Swedish emphasis at the end of the word expressed that way sounds. canada goose uk outlet, In contrast to the German declaration: a two ply, bonded with each other cotton fabric that is waterproof.

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Not only the material is more complex, also the cutting and processing of new models stand out from the more simple raincoats. Elegant single row angular coats and big parkas with flap pockets and bright, removable, padded lining for winter.


Traditionally, the British brand Mackintosh is quite dominant in the segment of high-quality jackets from waterproof cotton, formerly she endowed even police and army. canada goose outlet store uk, But the mass market is popular today, particularly of jackets from artificial fibres Gore-Tex membrane manufacturer. Because these fabrics allow water vapour, they are advertised as breathable. Synthetic fibre drove in the 1980s Mackintosh almost in ruin. Today, the 1823 based company focuses entirely on luxury, with their materials she supply houses such as Gucci, Prada and Balenciaga.


Also the new jackets of Canada Goose cost around 800 euros. As the Sweden with “bonded cotton” began, they could test the material in a Turkish laboratory chemicals, waterproof, tear resistance. “Then we got this totally unreadable document with the results, in Turkish. canada goose chilliwack bomber uk, There was a 9 for the waterproof. And we did not know, that is now very well or very badly. We have investigated, and 9 is actually almost perfect” tells Johan Loman, amuses himself splendidly.